Laptop- Music-Stick

Don't make war ---- make music with this unique mono instrument of our century! The computer , a singing instrument

This original standard flight simulation tool works ideal with playing tunes. It is a homophonic instrument like the clarinet. Since it is mainly using the pure sine wave, it can have a very distinct, soft and colourless sound.

The software is based on MAX/MSP, Ircam France. This special one is programmed by Reinhard Fuchs, member of the forumnet. It works in first place on Mac, but there is a window version, too.

What can you do?

trigger 14 notes

play any scale you can think of

Change quickly any transposition

define any length

articulate any volume structure ADSR

play "dry"notes or with long release

add small or longer frequency slides ,inclusive the theremin effect

regulate your volume with the main stick

What you need :

a computer, best Mac, - the MUSIC-Stick,-- Max/MSP or MAX runtime, download free www.cycling74.com,-- my special software