My biography

Reinhard Fuchs,

born 1945 in northern Germany. I studied "Schulmusik" in Cologne from 1964 - 1968, Cello class with Siegfried Palm and Klaus Storck. I was participant in Darmstadt 1966, wrote my exam paper on B.A.Zimmermann┬┤s opera "Die Soldaten". I spent 4 years in Chile, Osorno and played 1 year in the Sinfonica in Santiago. Then I was a teacher at the Max-Planck Gymnasiun in Duesseldorf until 2001.
I started to work with the MAX Programm in 1985 and I am a member of the Forumnet IRCAM, Paris since 1996. There I had three lectures about my composition and new technical developments.
I am retired now and live in Liverpool. Here I do experimental composing with MAX/MSP specializing on the harmonics. I am building up a forum for multichannel computer music and try to bring into use different interfaces. JOYSTICK



Reinhard Fuchs und Susan Ironfield 17 Beverley Road Liverpool L15 9HF

tel 0151 2807458 mail: